How toTransfer of a Mining Lease In Botswana

Transfer of a Mining Lease In Botswana By Yourself

  1. The mining Lease (License/permit) nor any interest in it shall be assigned, transferred or encumbered in any other manner without the consent from the Minister for Mineral Resources, Green Technology as well as Energy Security. Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology, and Energy Security Office Location & Contact Information
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  3. The application should be sent in writing in the manner specified by the Authority and must contain all documents required to support it as specified in the “Required Documents” section on this page. The application should be sent at Department of Mine office for consideration. Department of Mine office for examination.
  4. The applicant must provide such specifics regarding the proposed transferee, assignee or any other person concerned that will be required in the application to transfer the mining lease. If the applicant fails to provide the necessary information or documentation could render the application insufficient.
  5. When the application is received The officers receiving the application will examine for discrepancies and ineligibility on the application documents. If a problem that can’t be corrected immediately is found within any one of the submitted documents, the form as well as all documents submitted are returned to the person who submitted it. The application must not be submitted again until the discrepancy is corrected.
  6. The applicants are issued an acknowledgement letter to serve as evidence of the submission of the application form and to be used for reference in the event of a need.
  7. A Mine Department office may request additional information that is relevant for the request. In such cases the required information must be provided within the specified time period from when notification was issued. If the applicant is unable to provide the necessary details, the application will be denied.
  8. When the process of evaluating the documents has been successfully completed after which the Minister must make sure that the applicant is informed in writing of his decision regarding his application no later than 30 (30) work days from the date of acceptance of application.
  9. If the application is successful, the minister will grant approval for the transfer or assignment of the encumbrance, other arrangement involving any mineral lease (license/permit) or the interest in it in the event that the person who is transferring is not barred from holding the permit or license to hold a mineral.
  10. If the Minister is unable to accept the transfer the Minister will provide reasons for the refusal.
  11. If the approval is granted, it will be processed by The Department of mine office and get the approval document in exchange for the confirmation letter, identification document, and after payment of the fees for transfer and the annual cost (if required).
  12. An annual lease rental cost is set for at BWP 100.00 for each square mile. The first annual lease is due upon receiving the mining permit and thereafter, each year at the time of each anniversary anniversary for the licence.

Documents that are required

  • Current Mining Lease (Permit/License)
  • A valid identity documents (Omang for citizens and passport for those who are not citizens)
  • A certified copy of the incorporation certificate
  • Information on Financial Status (attach additional documents, Bankers ‘ reference and latest financial statement)
  • Technical Competence (established track record in mining can be an advantage, but isn’t essential)
  • A copy of the Mining permit to renew
  • Description of the area is applicable to (attach the plan and coordinates)
  • Guarantee for the parent company of the company.
    • Evidence that the development of the mining zone was carried out with reasonable care.
    • Performance in line with production targets
    • Performance in relation to financial targets
    • Performance in relation to environmental goals
    • The performance of the workplace health and safety standards
    • Legal conformity
  • Attach the proposed mining program with the following information or documents:
    • Details of the mineral deposit (including the entire identified inferred and indicated and measured resources, and probable and proved reserves)
    • The annual production rate
    • Estimated rates of recovery
    • Nature of the product
    • Tonnage or volume of sales for the year.
    • The forecast of the capital investment as well as cash flow
    • Employment projections and development of skills plan
    • Estimates of the worth of local procurement
    • Environmental Management Plan including Closure Plan
  • The rehabilitation plan that is proposed.
  • A letter of title to the surface received from the land authority or the landowner with a stamp sketch with the coordinates.
  • Letter of authorization to conduct Environmental Impact Assessment from the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA).
  • Letter of authorisation Archaeological Clearance with location coordinates from Department of National Museum and Monuments (DNMM).
  • If you are applying in an area of conservation, you must obtain approval must be obtained is required from The Department of Wildlife and National Parks.
  • A copy of a valid prospecting license or retention license or prospecting waiver.
  • Other information that is that is relevant for the purpose of your application.

Office Locations and Contacts

Department of Mines
(Ministry of Natural Resources, Environmental Technology as well as Energy Security)
Physical address: Government Enclave, Block 6, Khama Crescent
The building is the Ministry of Basic Education, on floor 4.
P/Bag 0049
Tel. (+267) 365 7000
Fax. (+267) 395 2141

Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology, and Energy Security
Private Bag 0018
Fairground Office Park
Block C of Plot 50676, Block
Tel: (+267) 365 6600
Fax: (+267) 3167695
Toll-free number: 0800600235
Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology, and Energy Security Office Location & Contact Information
Hours of operation: 7:45 to 12:45 and 13:45 to 16:30 Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays.


  • holders of valid mining license or permit.
  • In addition, the company has:
    • Established domicilium citandi et executandi in Botswana.
    • It is incorporated in accordance with the Company Act and carries business of mining under the license.
    • Not in liquidation or under judicial control or judicial management, unless such liquidation or judicial supervision forms part of the plan to restructure or merge this company.
    • No Directors or Shareholders is considered to be an individual as per the above criteria of an individual.


  • Contact your local Department of Mine office about the fee for transfer.
  • A lease rental fee for each year is set for at BWP 100.00 per square km. The initial annual lease is paid upon the day of receiving the mining license. It is thereafter, each year, upon each anniversary anniversary for the licence.

Processing Time

The deadline for processing the application is thirty (30) day.

Requirements Information

  • Information about Mining (permit/license) certificate
  • Details about the transferee or assignee person concerned (NameAddress/Address/Nationality/ contact/ job)
  • The duration of the transfer in the leasing.
  • The declaration of all parties.

The Document is required

The minerals lease (licenseor permit) or interest in it can be transferred or assigned, encumbered or handled in any other manner without the permission of the Minister.



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