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Electricity does not move around the NUCLEUS WHILE PARTICLES.

The traditional concept of theatom is often used is not true.

Electrons aren’t particles within an atom. They are instead waves. They could be considered waves because of their dual nature in the form of particles as well as waves.The electron appears as follows…

We can’t know for sure where the electron is going to be inside the atom because of heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, but we have pretty good estimates of probability of an electron being found at a point. The above picture shows the probability density function of different electrons. This density functions gives rise us what we call an orbital. In hydrogen atom for example, we’d have a very high probability of finding the electron in the sphere around the nucleus, the 1s orbital. Remember, when we observe the electron it stops being a wave and starts being a particle. Sneaky!!

The wave nature also explains why positive nucleus doesn’t attract the negative electron. Coulomb’s law does not work for waves with charges but for particles with charges.

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