When will electric vehicles dominate their market segment?

What point will the automobile industry become completely dominated by electric automobiles?

Industry of automobiles, dominating? It is likely to be at the close of this decade.Some claim earlier, others suggest later however this is the most likely date.

It is likely that everyone knows how Tesla is growing. It is currently producing around 400.000 cars annually. In China the plant is in operation that is planned to produce 150.000 cars annually, which is soon to increase to 300.000 vehicles per year. In the next two years, a plant in Germany will be able to begin production, with an additional capacity of 500.000 annually.

Cybertruck is scheduled to begin production in 2021. It is likely with a target number of 200.000 vehicles annually, with the option of making (significanty) even.

In 2025, Tesla will produce around 2 million vehicles per year, possibly more.
Imagine what the future holds in 2030.

If Tesla is able to do this it is likely that other companies will follow suit. World-wide.
China is at a neck-and-neck with Tesla, VW will follow quite closely, and is only two years ahead.

There’s enough nickel, lithium cobalt, nickel and other metal around the globe.
A avalanche is on the way and there is nothing keep it from happening.


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