I’m under electronic harassment (a form of mind control and illegal stalking like in the case of James Walbert). How to destroy implant(s)?

I am a TARGETED INDIAL THROUGH IMPLAPLANTS. The drugs I take, I won’t specify where exactly, but I will say that it is Northern California. Unfortunately, I have a drug problem that doesn’t help the matter. However, I am addicted to drugs and I can’t resist the urge to use them. They are threatening my physical safety and the physical well-being of my family members. These are the people I used to go to and pretend to be “friend” with. It happened while I was so Fkd on acid that they could’ve started the implant. Or when I had a friend shoot me up (gross, I know). The after effects were crazy. I felt like I was going to explode. I know my names. These people are known to me. They have broken into my house. They’ve made people and me crazy. I thought I was going insane until I did my research. It was the extreme physical symptoms that made me realize this. Extremely severe headaches. Head pressure. They claim they can blow up my head because of the forgein they place in my drugs. The story becomes even more bizarre when I look back at the situation and begin to put things together ….small things ….objects that were moved in my room ….one missing shoe. They always claim they can see me. Always. This is so true, I don’t know how. They scold me and tell me how awful I am, how stupid and disgusting I am, and how I should commit suicide before I do. It’s something I have done a few times before, but it’s not something I want to do again. I was initially told that it was blank bnlank PD in a more suburban area of Oakland. The house was being raided and that I had to leave immediately. They also have some connection to the owner of this house, whom I won’t name. Now I know who is real and who not. As I write this, I am being surrounded by a helicopter that can create an electronic wave so strong I feel sick. They are trying to convince people that I am into disgusting things such as Pedophilia..which I clearly am not. This is not to make me look better, it’s to let others know that they aren’t the only one. They can take control of my mind with horrible thoughts. It’s something that I wouldn’t want to do, or feel. Even people who were close to me have been taken advantage of by them. Cops in my neighborhood cannot trust me and threaten me with warrants. They can even steal voices that sound exactly like the person they are targeting. They have been following me into hotels, where they can get me the highest or sideways room. This can cause severe physical effects and scares. They claim I’m recording their every move and I have proof if anything does happen to me. But, the funny thing is that two of my main documents were stolen. Weird. It’s weird. Fortunately, I have a boyfriend who believes in me. They even convinced me that my mom’s death due to liver failure was a fluke. Now they are holding her captive and I can hear her being tortured. They have made it their life goal to kill me and this is far more than I could even imagine. They’ve created a fake monster and convinced people who pay money online to do harm or just to watch me. This is to raise awareness that most of those claiming to be TAs don’t have crazy ideas. PAIGE NELSON is my name. I’m originally from the east bay area. I have the entire list of names stored in my phone and they are synced to different accounts. They even threatened to take my identity. Please, if you see anything similar to this, please do something. This is the end of my rant, but it will not be the last. That’s my promise to myself.

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