How to Export Textiles and Apparel Products In Jamaica

Export Textiles and Apparel Products In Jamaica By Yourself

  1. You must register with Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO), either as an individual or company, to export textiles and apparel products from Jamaica. (For registration details, please see Wiki-procedure : Jamaica-Register As An Exporter).
  2. After registration, you will need to obtain an export permit from the Trade Board Limited.
  3. For general information about your commodity standards, as well as packaging specifications and export requirements to different countries, consult the Bureau of Standards.
  4. Complete the Export Entry Form C82 at the Trade Board of Jamaica Exporters Association. If you plan to export to the USA, complete the form JN3 (export is not allowed to the USA).
  5. All other applicable commercial invoice forms and export documents must be completed. They are all available at the Trade Board. CARICOM – CARICOM Invoice Canada – Canadian Customs Invoice for Other Markets – Commercial Invoice (or C23).
  6. To determine if your commodity is eligible for preferential treatment on the overseas market, you can also contact the Certification Unit of the Trade Board. If the answer is yes, you will need the appropriate form purchased and the Certificate of Origin.
  7. You can choose to either ship your cargo by sea or air with the required documents
  8. Book for the export, confirm the shipping and air cargo rates, and fill out a Tally Sheet (by Air), a Wharf/Docket Receipt (by Sea), and a cargo integrity form (by Sea).
  9. Then Complete customs declaration for the cargo using E-SAD within ASYCUDA WORLD note that if you are a first-time exporter, you must register with ASYCUDA by emailing a request for an account to
  10. After all customs procedures have been completed, the cargo can be released for expor

Required Documents For Export Textiles and Apparel Products

  • Certificate or license for export registration
  • Export permits for the appropriate government agency
  • Complete export entry
  • Commercial invoice
  • Certificate of origin
  • Dock receipt/ Tally Sheet
  • Custom processing fees payment

Find Office Locations and Contacts

JAMPRO-KingstoneAddress: 18 Trafalgar Road Kingston, Jamaica
Tel: +1 876 952 3420
Contact Details: Link

JAMPRO- Montego Bay
Address: Montego Bay Convention Centre, Rose Mount Cres, Montego Bay, Jamaica
Tel: +1 876 952 3420

Trade Board Ltd.
Address: 107 Constant Spring Road Kingston 10.
Phone: 969-0883/969-3184/969-6498
Fax: 925-6526/925-6313
Website: Link

Bureau of Standards
Address: 6 Winchester Road Kingston 10.
Phone: 926-3140/926-0229
Fax: 926-5069/929-4736
Website: Link

Jamaica Customs Agency-Head Office
Address: Myers Wharf Newport East, Kingston 15.
Phone: 876 922 55140-8 or 922 8770-3
Public Relations Unit (General Customer Service).
Phone: 876 948-7849
Toll-Free – 1 888 287 8667
Information Management Unit (IMU), IT Helpdesk
Phone: 876 750 3030 /750 3070 /750 3047
Tariff Unit
Phone: 876 967 3495

Corporate Office
Address:2-4 King Street Kingston
Phone: 876 948 5151
Contact details:Link


  • Exports of Apparel and Textiles from Jamaica by Individuals or Businesses


  • Processing fees for customs: $3005


  • This process remains valid until the cargo has been exported


  • To assist you with exportation, you can contact a registered customs broker

Requirements Information

  • Names
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Nature of the commodity
  • Country of import

You will need the document

  • To be allowed to leave Jamaica, the cargo must be cleared customs

External Links

  • Jamaica Custom Agency: Link



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