Is it legal for my neighbor to be using my outdoor electrical outlets? He says I’m overreacting but I really don’t like it.

We lived in a townhouse that had one assigned parking space for each unit. I parked our car in our spot, and my ex-partner parked in the additional spot we rented.

Our cars had block heaters which needed to be plugged in because of the harsh prairie winters. My car wouldn’t start every morning.

It was plugged in, and the heat block was working. I couldn’t understand why. I drove the truck of my ex to the train station, and he would return it later. He worked afternoons.

He came home one night and double-checked my car. He found that my neighbor had unplugged mine and plugged it in. He had apparently been doing this every day and just plugged my car in when he got back from work. He plugged my car in that night, and the next morning my car wouldn’t turn on. My car wouldn’t start in the morning because it was plugged too long for my ex to work on nights like those.

Finally, we gave up and parked in the additional spot halfway across the townhouse complex. Every night around 10 pm, we turned off power at the breaker. This took the neighbour several nights to figure out. The ex would come home and unplug his neighbor’s car, plug in his truck, then turn the breaker on again.

He stopped using our outlet after a few weeks.

He was guilty of two offences at the end.

  1. You can’t mess with my car without my consent.
  2. Stealing my power.

Your neighbor is committing theft.


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