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Omni’s horse-weight calculator is here. Here we will attempt to determine the Arabian, stock horse or pony weight. Multiple articles in scientific journals discuss the subject, with each article trying to improve the formula and give the best result. horses are very different from each other, so we can only hope for an estimate, and not a perfect result. It’s still amazing how accurate we can estimate the average horseweight using the right mathematical or statistical tools .

How heavy is a horse?

How heavy is a horse,

It all depends on the breed. Evidently, Arabians weigh more than miniature horses or ponies, as they are larger.

Even horses of similar size and weight can have different . Different fat distributions can result in different measurements. Arabians, for example, are generally very lean. Their average horse weight is about 1,000 lbs , or around 450kg, while their average horse height is 60in ( , or 150 cm ). A Shire horse, no, not the Shire from The Lord of the Rings, can be twice the weight and taller than the average horse, at almost 70 inches (or 180 cm).

Here are the words:

Omni’s horse-weight calculator provides an estimate. The actual weight of a horse will depend on its breed, age, and other factors.For more information, consult your veterinarian.

However, extensive research has been done on how to calculate a horse’s body weight . Our tool is based on a very recent formula that scientists are constantly improving.

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There are several ways to calculate the horse’s or pony’s weight

The height and length are the three main measurements for horse weight. A study by K. L. Martinson and colleagues from 2014. A fourth option was suggested: neck circumference. Based on 629 horses and ponies, the following was:

They developed (through Polynomial Regression) an algorithm that calculated their weight. It says:

EBW (kg). = [girth(cm.1.486) * length (cm.0.554) * height (cm.0.599) * neck (cm.0.173]/div


  • EBW refers to the body weight.
  • Div is a divisor equal or greater than 3,596, 3,606, or 3,441 for Arabians ponies and stock horses.

The study also dealt with the body condition (or BCS short for short): An objective scoring system that evaluates how much fat a horse has. How heavy should a horse be? is just as important as What horse’s body weight should be?. But what is the answer to the first?

Ideal horse/pony weight

The formula above shows that the girth and the neck circumferences distinguish overweight and underweight horses. however, the height and length remain constant . To determine the ideal horseweight, we should use the last two numbers. K. L. Martinson et. al. Do exactly that:

IBW = [length (cms) * 2.8] + [height [cms] * 4.2] - Sub


  • IBW defines the ideal body weight.
  • Sub is a subtrahend equivalent to 611-606 and 577 respectively for Arabians and ponies and stock horses.

Let’s now put the formulas to the testing! Let’s look at a simple example to show you how Omni’s horse-weight calculator works and what results we get.


Let’s see what the tool tells us about an equine that has more or less , a horse with an average height, and more or less . These are the measurements shown in the calculator. To be safe, we will talk a bit about how to measure each.

  1. Height (A), – From ground to third thoracic vertebra.
  2. Neck circumference – (B) Halfway between the polls and withers.
  3. Girth circumference. (C) At the base the mane hairs.
  4. Body length (D), – Starting at the shoulder, along a perpendicular line to the point where the buttock is.

(Note: It’s sufficient to enter only the first and final values to calculate the ideal bodyweight. The estimated one requires all four.

Remember that the formulas in the section above were done using centimeters. However, imperial friends can still have inches and pounds in their horse weight calculator . The tool will convert them and display any way the user desires.

Let’s say our horse is the following:

height =

Neck circumference = 36 in

circumference of = 70

body length =.

After you have entered the numbers, will calculate the horse’s weight.

weight estimated = 933.6 lbs

Ideal weight = 926.5 lbs.

Only seven pounds difference It seems like our horse is doing fine. Are you ready to invite your date and give them a ride in the round pen .


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