Madhya Pradesh Bill Calculator & Per Unit Rate Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh Bill Calculator

Enter the power consumption as per Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board or if you do not know then press the reading option. There you can enter the Meter initial reading and final reading. Madhya Pradesh Bill calculator works based on domestic Tariff Per Month basis.

Choose Reading or unit:  
Select the Place UrbanRural  
Total Unit Consumption As per MP: kWh
Result – Total Energy Charges: INR
Result – Fixed Charges Amount: INR
Result – Electricity Tax Amount: INR
Result – Electricity Duty Amount: INR
Result – Meter rent Amount: INR
Result – Total Bill Amount: INR

Per Unit Rate Madhya Pradesh:

Per Unit rate Madhya Pradesh
Category Tariff Range Per unit(₹) Urban Rural
LT1.1 0-30 3.25 45
LT1.2 0-50 4.05 60 45
51-150 4.95 100 80
151-300 6.3 23/15units 20/15units
>300 6.5 25/15units 23/15units

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