Recomended book for electrical engineering?

Although there isn’t one “must-read” book, there are many good books. Here are some books that I recommend for the major subjects of Electrical Engineering.

At the beginning, I prefer to read Indian authors. They are easier. After you have mastered the basics, foreign authors can be read. These books will provide you with a foundational knowledge of many topics in Electrical Engineering.

  1. Electric Machines
    • P. S. Bhimbra – Electrical Machines
    • B. L. Thareja – Electric Machines I & II
  1. Power Systems
    • Engineering of the Nagrath-Power System Engineering and Kothari – Power System Engineering
    • V. K. Mehta: Power Systems.
      C. L. Wadhwa’s book is a good one, but I don’t recommend it. Prabha Kundur is a better book than that.
  1. Electrical Engineering Handbook: Although I have not tried it, my professors swear to this.
  2. Control Systems
    • M. Gopal – Digital Control and SVM
    • Control Systems by B. S. Manke
      Nagrath, Kuo and Kuo are also good.


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