Cost of Owning a Dog Calculator , Formula, Calculation & Example

Cost of Owning a Dog Calculator

The Omni’s annual cost to own a dog calculator is here! It’s a wonderful feeling to have a four-legged friend who loves you unconditionally. It can be costly to keep your furry friend healthy and happy . Especially when you consider that medium-sized dogs can last from 10 to 13 year.

You may have wondered how much it costs to own a dog. You don’t have to look far — our cost-of-owning a dog calculator will help you determine the annual cost of a dog. You can learn more about the costs of owning a dog and the one-time expenses.

Are you a new dog parent? Learn more about one-time expenses

You should consider the initial costs of adopting a dog if you have taken a look at the tail waving of a neighbor’s dog. Most of these expenses are one time investments that include some equipment.

  • Vaccinations. If you are getting a puppy you will need to vaccinate them at least four times from the time they turn six to eight weeks old until they turn 20 weeks. Your veterinarian may recommend booster vaccinations every other year (on average one to three years), to increase your puppy’s immunity to various antigens.
  • Bedding. You will need to choose the right size bedding for your dog. Although prices may vary, the longer-lasting bedding will last, the better your dog’s memory and sleep quality.
  • Crate. Both veterinarians and dog trainers recommend that dogs be trained in crate training. Crates are a safe and comfortable place for dogs to relax and unwind.
  • Lead. A collar and identity tag are essential, as well as a leash that is appropriate in size. To foster cooperation between you, your dog and yourself, leash training is important.
  • Grooming equipment. Do not forget about grooming. This will keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy.
  • Bowls. Your dog will require drinking and feeding bowls . Stainless steel pet food bowls are preferred by most dog owners due to their strength and lightness.
  • Spaying/Neutering. This is a way for dog owners to control overpopulation, which can lead to overcrowded shelters.

Other than one-time costs, the annual cost to own a dog includes other expenses such as food and toys, health check-ups, prevention of heartworm disease, grooming appointments, etc. Continue reading to learn about the other expenses associated with owning a dog.

How much does it cost to own a dog? The annual cost of owning a dog

The following items can also contribute to the annual cost for owning a dog:

  • Kibble. While there are many diets you can discuss with your veterinarian but kibble remains the most common food for dog owners. This is a stable and cost-effective way to provide nutrition for your dog.
  • Treats. Great training tool for dogs. Dogs are often food-driven and will eat food to reward their behavior.
  • Dental-care. The health of your dog’s teeth is a major factor in his overall health. Your dog’s teeth should be cleaned by a veterinarian at least once a year. Even though dental services can seem expensive, they are vital for keeping your dog’s teeth clean and preventing the development of plaque that could cause organ damage.
  • Heartworm prevention and flea control.
  • Annual wellness checks. If your veterinarian doesn’t suspect any serious health problems, these check-ups will not cost you much.
  • Toys. toys are great for keeping your dog stimulated and active. Toys can also prevent your dog from getting bored and causing damage to your furniture. If your dog is often left alone due to work, it is important that they are mentally and physically stimulated. Even if your dog destroys new toys, it is still worthwhile to include them in the annual cost for owning a dog.

How does the dog-ownership cost calculator work?

Calculating the Omni cost of owning dog helps you calculate how much dog ownership costs each year. If you are not from the US, our calculator will show you default prices. If you’re not from the US, we will set prices at zero. Enter prices to find the best price for your area.

Omni also offers other calculators for dogs if you are interested.


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