What are some examples of electronic components?

What components are they? There are many.

  • The little thing with the bright stripes that only makes it hot? This would be a strong resistor.
  • The thing that looks like resistor but only works when placed correctly. It’s called a diode.
  • Is this a 3-legged, black bulk of plastic It’s called a transistior. It is used to produce sound, computing power, or smoke.
  • A small, shiny cylinder that has two legs at the one end. Capacitor. If connected incorrectly, it can smell unpleasant.
  • Black bulk with more legs than three: Could be anything. They are unknown to anyone. They look great on any pcb.
  • Resistor looks a lot like resistor, but is it really resistive? It’s inductancy. It’s only funny when you have ac. Otherwise, it’s a poor resistor.

Electronic components are strange things. You might add more information to your question so we can give you more helpful answers.

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