What are some technical questions asked during an interview in a core electrical engineering company?

You don’t need to know all the technical details. Here are some I can recall, some of which are quite non-tech.

1. Interview for a job:I. I. I was also asked to solve some problems.
2. What’s the purpose of capacitor banks in a power system? To explain, use the Phasor diagram.
3. What is Softstarting?
4. How an Induction motor starts (principle operation)? (Brooommmmmm)
5. Questions about power quality
6. What happens if you supply DC to a Transformer?

II. Interview for M.Tech. anyway)
1. What is the role of an Induction motor as a generator?
2. What is a Stroboscope? (really? What about a Synchroscope?
3. What does controllability and observation refer to in relation to a system? (Things are getting worse …)
4. What is the difference between Clipper and Clamper circuits, you ask? Explain.
5. Relationship between mu(nought), and epsilon (nought).
6. Random question about rms, maximum, and average values
(went for hours).

1. What motors are used for electric traction? (After I answered, what are the reasons to use?
2. What is the best time to use an LPF Wattmeter
3. Explain what ZVS and ZCS are (explained using waveforms), Quasi-resonant convertors, etc.
4. What is reactive power? (explained in depth) Power flow
5. Is it possible to use pulsed waves instead of sine supply in a regular network/power system? (Again, explained using waveforms and some mathematics.
Okay… now you can answer.
6. What is the best way to convert one-phase to three-phase? Name the converter (What??? (What???) Are you certain your question is Right sir Hell yes

1. What does it mean to be a transformer? (sic)
2. What is the average value of earthing resistance
3. This job …? is so important. (:D silly)

V. Last, the Research Fellowship
1. So during your M.Tech, did you fear your Professor? (With a Grin …) Are you in love with him or hate him? (I Respect Him …*good work mate*)
2. What does it mean to have a dual-stator winding machine?
3. What is Direct torque control? What is the difference between Vector control and Direct torque control? Questions about Vector control, Space Vectors, and Harmonic elimination PWM
4. What would you do with an Induction Generator? (My M.Tech thesis on Induction Generators was about Induction Generators… I said that I wanted to optimize the voltage generated).
5. What are you going to optimize? Are you using an Algo? (Oh God…what was I just saying?)
6. One problem, I’ll give you… Write one on the board… Now optimize …( I surrendered …)

Okay, so that’s one answer. I will add more if I remember. But all I can tell you is that now that I go to take External Vivas/interviews at different institutes, it feels like I am getting the feeling. Even though I was facing vivas, interviews and mocks, it was something that I had done. They are fun, especially when you suddenly recall all the questions you were asked.

P.S. I have deliberately missed on the names of the Companies/Institutes. The results are also included.
Thank you for A2A.


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