What are the benefits of driving an electric car?

These are just a few to get you started.

An EV of the 21st century has about 1/10th the moving parts as a gas car. This century’s technology has made it possible to manage maintenance, repairs, failures and longevity.

An EV of the 21st century is more efficient than 80% at turning energy into power that drives the car. An 20th-century gas car was only 80% efficient as a furnace. Gas is best if the primary purpose is to heat the car. If the primary purpose of a car is to move it…the EV is the best choice.

An EV’s fuel costs about 1/4 of the price of gasoline, and is not nearly as volatile. The price of electricity remains the same after a hurricane strikes the US Gulf of Mexico. The price of electricity does not change if there is another oil war in the Middle East.

You pay a fraction of the cost of maintenance and repairs, 4x the efficiency, and 1/4th the fuel prices…

This is a good start.

An EV doesn’t emit poison that can kill all animals (including humans).

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