What are the best schools close to electronic city in Bangalore?

The most important decision in your child’s life is choosing the right school. You don’t want your child having to drive through traffic in Bangalore to get to school. After the birth of our daughter, this was what I thought. After my daughter was born, I began to look for schools that were close to Electronic City. I was also interested in the curriculum (ICSE, IB), and extracurricular activities. I also thought about extra-curricular and cocurricular activities, facilities as well as faculty, past results, testimonials, and so forth.
After going through all of the schools in the area, I narrowed down the ones that I liked the most for my daughter.
* Primus Public Schools [ICSE/IGCSE]
* Edify School Electronic City [CBSE]
* Treamis World School [CBSE / IGCSE]
* Blue Bell Public School [State and CBSE]
* Ebenezer International School [ISCE/ISC and IB]
* VIBGYOR High School (CBSE)

Primus Public School was my choice because it offered an ICSE/IGCSE curriculum. Primus Public School is a school that focuses on student development and has a great academic record. Primus Public School is the school to choose if you’re looking for the best school near Electronic City. Good luck!

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