What are the best websites for an electrical engineer?

Here’s a brief description of the sites. Once you visit them, you’ll be amazed at how great they are!

electrical-engineering-portal.com – Everything about machines and other mega stuff

electronics.wisc-online.com – Animations!

electrical4u.com A section on topics related to Power Engineering

youtube.com – Yes, youtube. This will allow you to understand complex Engineering technologies in plain text.

allaboutcircuits.com/ – A comprehensive coverage of Fundamental Electrical Engineering concepts

www.pcbheaven.com/ The motors section was fantastic in this site

demonstrations.wolfram.com/ – Download the free player to run the demonstrations on this site and vary parameters dynamically and see its response

NPTEL is the open-source learning project of Indian Institute of Technology. If you are looking for something similar to a textbook, this site will provide comprehensive coverage. You can choose between video and web courses.


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