What are the reasons why people hate electric cars?

Want to learn why Electric cars are so hateful?

1- We don’t ! We don’t have any self-righteous hatred or anger against EV. Don’t get started on the people who don’t like changes. That is the only way the hard core leftists radicals find to address those who don’t agree with their bizarre and sometimes ineffective solutions and innovations.

There are many reasons we don’t like electric cars, and it doesn’t matter how hard media and the auto industry and green-heads try to convince us otherwise.

1- We love “Car and Engine” because it is a form of Sporting and Passionate Fun. The Petrol/Gasoline Engine has perhaps the most important role to play in this passion.

This is a fact that many people, not just Motor-Enthusaists, agree with. You have to be respectful of what people care about.
The electric car is a vehicle that takes the heart and soul of our beloved Chariot of Gods and transforms into a Robo-Car peoples carrier!

2-Petrol/Gasoline cars don’t pose a problem!
Yes, cars are the main source of pollution. But they’re not the only one. We have diesel buses/trucks/trains and more. And we also have power plants, factories, and industries. These are the real elephant in the room. They can be used in more environmentally-friendly and greener ways than millions of cars, and it would not hurt anyone’s feelings!
but no ! They don’t seem to be complaining about how the planet is destroying its air quality!

Three-electric cars are not the answer!
Everybody would agree that we create lots of CO2 by burning fossil fuels. The Earth is also cooking. no emission no problem ! But NO! You must realize that global warming is not our fault. It is a natural phenomenon. The earth experiences periods of heating up and cooling down. These are part of its natural order. They are what made “Ice Ages” possible. We are currently in a period of “Warming Up” and it will get warmer and hotter until Africa becomes a living Incineator chamber. Russia and the north pools will look more like Venice and London.
Even if we produce zero pollution, it won’t stop global warming. And even though that is our only contribution, we are only accelerating it by adding greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. That could be solved in many different ways. Why don’t we try to find a way to eliminate these greenhouse gases from the atmosphere? Why should we spend more money on a “So-called solution” that doesn’t solve anything? Why do we need to create a pen that can work in space for a billion dollars instead of just using a pencil? Why do I say this? Because even if all cars are made electric, we have yet to find a way that will address the huge demand for electric power. Electric cars currently use many Kwhs for a few miles. Imagine how much power each one would need to be as efficient and practical as a Petrol car! Imagine then how will we provide all that electricity! !
Today’s “Clean Energies”, while they are a laugh, are not real solutions. They provide less than 10% of all power in the world. How are they going to meet the huge demands of the future? They won’t! All the energy will come from the same Fossil fuel fuel power plants, which will burn twice as much fuel to meet the multiplied power demands. Everyone blames cars for the problem. But since all of them have electric motors it won’t be an issue for very few power plants to burn oil. They are the problem, and they will make things worse!

This will not solve any problems. It will make it more difficult for people like me who have one good sport, “Car”. And will also fill the pockets of those behind this “Environmental yada Yada” Politicians, Oil companies, and Billionaires with more money.

4-We don’t hate electric cars, but we do hate those who drive them! Because they brag to us about how intelligent, reasonable, and cool they are driving an utterly unattractive piece of crap that I wouldn’t even consider buying for free. They really don’t know anything! They are not helping anyone or anything. They’re just pretenders and show-offs with a new toy!
They try to convince us that we’re stupid or unreasonable, or that we hate change and are afraid about things we don’t know about. We only accept technology that solves actual problems and meets all our needs. They attack motorsport with their absurd and worthless opinions and make wild assumptions about the future of motor sport.

They make themselves more stupid and make everyone dislike them.
They don’t understand the fact that this is Peoples’ choice. Maybe they don’t believe it, or don’t want help for a few Polar Bears with their summer problems. But they have bigger problems than just a few bears and penguins!

5-Motor Sporting is possible and not a problem. As i said before, there are many better and more effective solutions than Electric cars to solve this problem, and that Global warming is natural, if we were to manage/control how much CO2 we produce by creating better public transportations, encouraging people to use environmental-friendly commuter cars to do their work and use their other sporty/luxury cars to enjoy time with friends and family, if we could find a way to control the inner wokings of climate and could change it, if we could find a way to eliminate greenhouse gases, there will never be a problem with people driving petrol cars and making a bit CO2 in the process as this planet has thrived billions of years with many forest fires and soureces of CO2 & etc and has reached this day and age with no issue, Earth has a threshold for an amount of CO2 it can take per day, because it can process CO2 into O2 by nature ! So if we don’t pollute too much, we won’t have any problems to worry about.


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