What do you think about electric cars?

Since a few months, I’ve been driving an electric vehicle.

Does it appeal to me?

My thoughts.

Best Car Ever!

The best thing I’ve ever purchased!

The best thing is that I can cover 400km on a single charge for $10. A petrol car would run $80 the same distance.

There’s also

  1. Handling: It is beautiful to drive, the weight between the wheels is very low, there is no pendulum at the front or back.
  2. Regenerative brake (I enjoy watching the battery charge as I go down hills)
  3. You don’t often need to stop at a charging station on the roadside to charge your home charger.
  4. It’s amazing how fast you can accelerate without waiting for the power to turn on or off
  5. “Quiet”
  6. Zero maintenance. No engine oil, filter oil, oil filters or fuel filter gearbox oil. There is no regular maintenance. Simply drive. Even brake pads don’t need to be replaced often.

Because of their high efficiency, their Life Cycle cost is much lower than that of combustion engine vehicles.


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