What does an electrical engineer do at work?

I had worked in Suzlon Global Services Ltd. as Trainee Engineer, not much experience but I think this experience is sufficient to give an idea about work. It’s a Windmill company located in Satara, Maharashtra.

I am in BRT (Breakdown Rescue Team), our main aim to make the Windmill availability to 100%. Whenever any fault occurs in windmill we have to go there personally, climb that tower, resolve the issue. We always have Buddy pair system, no on allowed to attend it alone. This error may be related to any of the equipment, from 1250kW generator to a simple diode used for rectification. ( Moreover, if this issue is related to mechanical, respective engineer will resolve that, you don’t have to worry :p )

( The most hectic work is to climb the tower of height 72 meters, straight up ahead. This drains lots of energy. The further work is only with your brain.)

All the Turbines are connected through SCADA. If any error occurres on any turbine it gives all the details about the error in the CMS (Central Monitoring Station) itself, on a computer screen, where we can observe all the detailed log again based on that, Site Experts will suggest us what to check. Depending upon that we carry our work.

The issue may be related to the Induction motors, alternator, sensors, barking systems, VFD drives, or may be due to loose connection, we must rectify that. We hired and trained for that 

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