What if there is no electrical power?

Electric power is among the biggest blessings science has provided to humanity. It is also an integral part of our lives and it is impossible to imagine an existence without it.

“Life without electricity, it’s far beyond the imagination of anyone else”

  • Use of-
    • Lights.
    • Fans.
    • Electric stoves.
    • Air conditioner.
    • washing machine.
    • Water boilers made of electric.
    • Microwave oven.
    • air conditioner.
    • Stacked washer and dryer.
    • Gas fireplace.
    • Laptop.
    • Mobile Phone.
    • Refrigerators.
    • Grinding machine.
    • Vacuum cleaner.
    • Water heater electric tank.
    • Small twin window fans and numerous others.
  • Large machinery is operated by using electricity. Food paper, cloth, or cloth and many more.
  • There is no use for Electric trains or vehicles powered by electricity, nor battery cars.
  • There is no entertainment Television, radio, cinemas, etc.
  • There is no need for robots.
  • Certain surgeries aren’t possible without power.
  • The X-ray and ECG is not feasible.



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