What is meant by electric field?

You can read the entire thing, and you will feel clear. Believe me, I am not rambling on.

Let’s first understand what fields are.

Imagine that I own an asteroid (I am rich). It is isolated in vast space. According to Newton’s law, attraction acts toward it at any position and in any direction.

Did you get it?

It can be rephrased as follows: There is a function of time caused by my asteroid. I input the distance from it and get a magnitude, direction, and strength of the force that it exerts.

Voila! That is what a field looks like. A field is any object that can exert force from a distance.

The force is what’s actually real. Although the field is a mathematical concept, it’s really useful.

You would have guessed by now what an electric field was. Let’s say I have a positive (you can choose negative, but I feel good today) and that I bring another positive charge close to it. Different magnitudes and directions can exert force on it at different points in space. My second charge is therefore in the field of the first.

Diagrams such as these may be familiar to you

You would think that the fields do not interact, right?

Fields are functions, so you can still find the force at any location. These are the electric field lines that you see. They are actually a representation of how a small positive charge would feel and behave.

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