What is the best way to transfer electricity wirelessly?

Yes, it can be done using Inductive Charging (also known “wireless charging”) that uses an electromagnetic fields to transfer energy from two objects. This is done using a charging station. An inductive coupling sends energy to an electric device. The device can then use the energy to charge or run batteries.
Induction chargers use an induction loop to generate an electromagnetic field. A second coil inside the device converts the electromagnetic field into electricity to charge the battery. Two induction coils located in close proximity form an electrical Transformer. Inductive charging systems that use resonant-inductive coupling can achieve greater distances between the sender and receiver coils. A movable transmission loop, i.e. Mounted on an elevated platform or arm, the advanced materials used for the receiver coil are silver-plated copper and sometimes aluminium to reduce weight and resistance to the skin effect.
Source: Wikipedia


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