What is the electrical resistance of human body?

The body resistance is not a constant quantity. It can vary from person to person, and from time-to-time.

The contact with skin can also affect the body’s resistance: are you making it hand-to hand, hand to foot, foot-tofoot, hand to elbow, etc. Because sweat is rich in minerals and salts, it conducts electricity well as a liquid. Blood, which also contains a high amount of conductive chemicals, is a good conductor of electricity. Contact with a wire made from sweaty hands or open wounds will provide less resistance to current than contact with clean, dry skin. (Ref. (Ref. ))

The resistance of the human body can be as high at 100,000 Ohms in dry conditions. The body may lose its resistance to wet or damaged skin by 1,000 Ohms.” “High-voltage electricity quickly damages human skin and reduces it to 500 Ohms.” (Ref. (Ref.

The International Electrotechnical Commission provides the following values for the body impedance for a hand-to-hand circuit for dry skin, large contact area, and 50 Hz AC currents. (The columns show the distribution of impedance in population percentile. For example, at 100 V, 50% of the population had an Impedance of 1875O or lower).

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