What is the scope for an Indian Electrical Engineer in Germany?

There’s no limit on the potential for Electrical Engineering as far as Germany is concerned.

Germany is home to World most renowned companies within Electrical and Automation.

The most crucial thing each Indian Engineer, prior to going to Germany must be aware of is –

  • They must have a high average score or CGPA’s the entire 4 years in Engineering.
  • To be able to get admission to Masters at the University of Germany there are a few tests for German language that all foreigners must pass (like TestDaf). The tests are easy .The topics are offered by teachers in English within German Engineering Institutes but still having a basic understanding of German the language is required.
  • Along with a high score, they also look for a good amounts of Curricular and extra-curricular activities on any resume for foreign students.

If all the above requirements are fulfilled the Indian Engineer can qualify for Masters in Electrical Engineering at the most German Institute and can get decent and well-paid positions.

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