What job opportunities are there for Electrical Engineering graduates in Indian Railways?

The electrical engineers working in rail come from various disciplines like power, electronics mechatronics, mechatronics, and telecommunications. Electrical engineers are responsible for developing, constructing, and maintaining the electrical infrastructure of rail as well as the equipment and power used to power the trains running that run on rail.

Role and Function:

The cadre’s officers are accountable for maintaining their assets in the Electrical Department in Indian railways. The main branches are General Service(G), Traction Operation(TrO), Traction distribution(TrD), Traction Rolling Stock(TRS). Traction Rolling Stock includes the manufacture and repair of electric Locomotives, Electrical Multiple Units(EMUs) and Main Line EMUs(MEMUs). Traction Distribution also includes upkeep of substations(PS) and Over Head Equipments(OHE) that are involved in the transport and movement Rolling Stock. These assets are controlled and monitored through the SCADA system.



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