What new business opportunities will be created by electric cars?

Find a market in your area that isn’t yet available.

There are charging stations. But, there are 100 companies in those places and the technology is constantly changing. You could join the charging station shakeout to get support and buyout those who aren’t making it.

It is better to identify a market in a similar field that will be sufficiently defined to receive funding within three years.

There are many related activities to consider when you have a major change such as this EV turnover. These will be large markets that, if addressed properly, will allow for growth. What will it take to make twenty years?

The Dodge Brothers did not actually make cars at the beginning, but they made parts/systems. When cars were hand-built oddities, who knew?

Although smart phone cases are a good example, the barriers to entry are too high.

I was always frustrated by phone apps because 2 million people were creating them and trying to gain access.

Being the first to market is a good thing. You can direct the discussion on pricing and packaging. Your music will make all your followers sing along. You must offer a viable model, not Uber or Grubhub that rely on people working for $5 an hour ….maybe.

This is a common trend, but it’s not a new one. Many EV companies will not be like Tesla which is trying to blend in as a tech company. No, most EV businesses are skilled and dedicated to producing and distributing their vehicles. This makes sense to me, but there will be things that these EV companies will need to outsource, as the world changes. These products/services will be required and big firms will grow from this.

You can learn a lot if you just keep studying. It will all come out. Ask me if you’re lazy to explain it right here. There will be two truths. It’s not possible because lazy people aren’t enough ambitious and it’s impossible. It won’t happen, so you can call me crazy.

As in 2003 in Palo alto, California I’m starting an electric vehicle company.”

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