What would happen if the electric power went out forever?

Massive die-off. Without electricity, our civilization will cease to exist. All the people who live in urban areas and suburbs would soon run out of food. They would flee to the countryside. They would all die along the way. Rural areas would die as electricity is essential for their food, water, and fuel. There would be more than 200 million deaths in the first winter in the USA. My guess is that less than 50 million people would be left by the end of a year. Most likely, less.

Your life is dependent on electricity, no matter where you live. The US would be no longer a nation-state, and it would disappear. Very few people are able to “subsistence survive”. Practically no one knows anything about animal-husbandry, or how to attach a small plow on a bull. A smaller number would be able to make one.

This applies to any country, except for the most primitive agrarian regions. It would be like something from a post-apocalyptic movie. It wouldn’t be pleasant, to put it mildly.

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