What’s next after engineering in electrical and electronics engineering?

You can choose from many careers in electrical and electronic engineering (EEE).

  1. You can continue your higher education. You can take GATE in India. You must be able to give GRE or TOEFEL for MS in the USA.
  2. With a high score, you can pass GATE and choose to be a PSU.
  3. You can join the software if you need to make trade changes.
  4. Private core companies such as Tata power, Reliance telecommunications, and Robert Bosch also employ EEE engineers.
  5. If you are not comfortable with engineering, you can take the CAT or GMAT exam to get your MBA in India.
  6. Preparation for IBPS and SBI bank exams is possible.
  7. You can also become a singer, dancer, or painter if you wish.
  8. Engineering graduates cannot sit for the school service commission. Rest assured, you are in good hands. All the best

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