What’s the best electronic device ever existed?

It would consist of both my TV and the Chromecast. Because of brain injury from strokes, I only sleep for about 4 hours per night. I can’t also move or walk much because I’m disabled. It is convenient to have the combination. I can watch TV, and if there’s nothing on (there are about 15 channels in this area unless you pay cable), I just hit the cast button on the phone and I can pull up any of my show and movie apps. This is a better option than the TV or the remote. In 2007, I cut my cable in the US and connected a computer to the TV using a bluetooth keyboard/mouse. This allowed me to control all the functions on the couch. It worked well with Netflix and Hulu (then not so much now). I could go to the sites to view the TV and also watch all the new shows that were available online. It’s much simpler and everyone can control it from their phones, so anyone could watch whatever they want.

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