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Llama Calculator

Omni’s llama calculator is here. It will help you determine when to expect a baby alpaca or llama (also known as a cria).

Alpacas and llamas can make a great addition to any farm. Our llama calculator can help you determine the gestation time of your llamas or alpacas. Although they are two different species, the gestation periods of llamas as well as alpacas are very similar!

Learn more about the alpaca pregnancy length, signs and gestation periods of llama, alpacas, and other topics.

Alpacas and llamas are part of the same camel family. Although they have similar gestation times, their physiological characteristics differ and they are often bred to different purposes. Alpaca fiber, on the other hand, is finer and more hypoallergenic than llama fur.

Period of gestation for alpacas and llama

Here are some tips to help you if your precious camelid is ready for offspring.

  • Alpacas and llamas can be bred between 18 and 24 months. When llamas are 80kg and alpacas are HTML3_ 40 kg HTML3_, is the breeding period .
  • When female llamas or alpacas are ready for mate they will be receptive to a man and fall into the “Cushing” position.
  • The process of implantation takes place around 30 days after the mating . However, 15 days after successful initial breeding, alpacas and llamas stop being open to males’ attempts at mounting.
  • The llama’s gestation time is 342 days. However, camelids’ normal gestation periods can vary from 332 to 352 days . The pregnancy duration for alpacas or llamas ranges from 11-12 months.
  • You can feed your alpacas or llamas, in addition to a regular diet and some alfalfa during the gestation period. This perennial flowering plant is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • Most camelids give birth in daylight. The entire labor process can take up to 12 and a quarter hours.

How do I use this llama calculator

The llama calculator works very well! It is very easy to use our llama calculator. adds 342 days to. This calculates the length of the llama/alpaca’s pregnancy.

The llama calculator also gives you an indication of when your baby alpaca or baby llama might be arriving.

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