When mixed together, why is water and electricity such a bad combination?

A good combination not at all! Consider the amount of hydropower generation across the globe.

Of course, you are talking about safety and the possibility that electric shocks can cause.

Electricity and water are “a dangerous combination” since it doesn’t require much electrical current through your body to kill you . It’s just a few milliamps even though water isn’t a good conductor, it can carry enough electricity to kill you from normal wiring in your house and appliances that are just 120 Volts.

This is why electrical receptacles for bathrooms should have specific Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Receptacles for hairdryers and shavers. They will instantly open in the event of even any indication of a safety issue with the appliance or the flow of current that flows through your body, and then through the water to the ground.

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