Which are the main subjects for electrical engineering?

The main topics of Electrical Engineering at a broad level are:

  • Electrical Machines – AC/DC Machines, Transformers, Motors, GeneratorsDefinitely, very interesting subject.
  • Power Systems – Transmission, Generation, and Distribution of Electric Power
    It is very vast, but it is easy to follow.
  • Control System – Manages and controls the behavior of other devices using control loops.
  • Engineering Mathematics – I guess this is a part of the syllabus for V semester.
  • Basic Electronics & communication subjects – Analog & Digital Communications, Electronic Devices & Circuits etc, Power Electronics.
  • Network Theory/Signals and Systems – This section deals with fundamental electrical laws/theorems
  • Subjective to Universities: Microprocessors

P.S. Other subjects are possible, but they may be subjective to different universities around the world.

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