Which book shall I refer to understand the basic concepts of electronics?

The first book you need to read (and difficult to find )… [I can’t even find it online now ]…]).

I was in my late 70’s when I visited a library to pick up four to five electronics books to help me understand the subject. The first few books I read were text-based and threw heavy mathematics at me. It was difficult for me to understand the concepts and I gave up.

I nearly put the last book on the shelf. It was the one that I found most valuable. It described the vast field so well that I knew I had the aptitude and desire to learn more. I later enrolled at Hikock Technical Institute to study to become an Electronics Technician and was certified by ISCET as an C.E.T. You can find it )… I worked in the trade, and I still have a hand in it many years later.

This book was published in the early 70’s.

Greg Nunz is the name of the author, I think. He was an instructor in Electronics at a college or university. The book’s title was “Electronics: A World Survey ‘…”.

This book is GOLD! !

If I find it but you don’t want it, I will buy it from you.


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