Which engineering is more related to robotics, mechanical or electrical?

Mechanical…No electrical, wait a second, for ….software programming sensors, electronics, High voltage electrical. Oh, and maths, you can begin with maths or materials science.

I’m sorry, but I’m sincere, there are plenty of people on this forum who understand what I’m trying say.. It doesn’t matter what your first step into robotics is. The truth is that if you plan to create and construct robots, then the first course you complete is just an initial step in your path. Each engineer in my group has a singular thing in common that they all came from different locations and continued to learn and study and apply.

I began with electrics and then moved to electronics, and then to programming, and then hydraulics, mechanics, Autocad I designed the electronics , then the joints and housings and, in my case, hydraulic thruster controls, and 3000V electrics. And now I am in my 50’s and always learning new things, I recently attended a class about MIG welding. It isn’t the most advanced in all areas, but if I’m not knowledgeable about something, I’m certain that I know someone who knows it.

My colleagues and I have come into the business from the most bizarre places however, they all share an obsession with things that work and are all hackers and geeks (In the true sense).

So here I am this week replacing the blown 64 pin microprocessors that were on PCB’s with an rework station as well as magnifying glasses, then programming them using ATMELS factory studio. The next day I am wearing my welding mask and am building frames to put them in a housing that is pressurised using the sensor package. (In case you’re wondering my welding isn’t great however I’m getting better)

My grandfather, scientist, used to describe scientist is someone who knows more more about less and less until he understands everything about nothing. An Engineer is a person who knows less and less about more and more until they know nothing about everything.

It’s not all engineering like this, however Robotics can be.. (if you are going to excel at it) that is). …) Therefore, do not worry about how to start, just begin and go ahead.

He often said that the manager was ignorant of nothing, but he was never a fan of managers.


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