Which is better at DTU, Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering?

The first thing to note is that both branches of DTU are extremely good in their course offerings and potential opportunities that they provide for students . All facilities are available to students from both branches .

However academically at DTU mechanical is more likely than electrical . The cutoff for mechanical courses is more than for electrical in DTU (which isn’t generally trend) . DTU can be considered be one of the top universities in the mechanical branches .

Additionally, students should select for the field that interests them the most , the fields that interest him/her . In this way, they will be better than in a field that is not in their particular interest .

Then comes the aspect that students take into consideration prior to selecting the branch and those colleges i.e. Placements.

Today, in the market, there is a higher demand for electrical engineers than Mechanical Engineer . This is a fact that is something that should be recognized . This means that the placements are better for Electrical students . But the final outcome is dependent on the student.

  • The Professors of Electrical are a little more strict than any other discipline .

Without a desire to dissuade anyone from doing anything 🙂


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