Which is the best specialization with respect to future scope in electronics industry?

The possibilities are endless it’s only what you look at different industries from different angles.

Embedded Systems: The generic definition says that “Except PC every device is an embedded system”. This means that all the electronic devices that are designed to serve particular purposes can be considered an embedded device. Consider the number of devices used in different sectors. There is an enormous potential for embedded systems in the military, medical pharmaceutical, agri, the beverage industry automotives, consumer electronics aerospace geoscience, space. etc. etc.
Everybody wants to have a gadget that makes their work effortless. Think about what you require every day, in addition to what you have . You will discover a lot of ideas for what the potential.

Race will reduce the size of devices as they can be with the highest efficiency and minimal power. To achieve this, you will need the most compact IC with a large number of peripherals. However, at the same the power consumption must be minimal. Pick any of the top premium microcontroller IC and check out what peripherals are included. ADC, DAC, Communication protocols(SPI, I2C, Serial, Ethernet etc), crystal oscillators, timers different clock systems, etc.
In the process of designing these ICs take a look on how far VLSI has done in developing these. There is a huge scope for this field also.

Take a look back at the days in which people used to write letters to deliver a message. Now, we send messages with the click of the button.
The communication industry is moving forward in the development of better, more speedy secure, reliable protocols and techniques. This isn’t only about two people speaking The weather report you receive from your mobile phone is a way to communicate. The news updates that are scrolled across the news app is communication. Mars rovers as well as Cassini spacecrafts have been sent, send information to Earth, this is a form of communication.
You can get high-speed broadband through fibre optic cables It is a means of communication. The majority of us require faster speeds for broadband, which it is necessary to conduct some research.

Pick a one that is based on what you like and not on what is likely to be a lucrative field in the near the future. This can help you develop how to think, think, create and invent. Future technologies are not permanent. Technology is expected to change how people live their lives. Instead of creating something small in the hopes of gaining traction in the next five years, try to create something that could change the world of technology.

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