What should I do for getting Job after becoming an electronic engineer?

Electronic Engineering is an amalgam of Telecommunication, Instrumentation and Power System Engineering. In essence, you can be accepted into any of the industries or firms that are associated with these areas.

  • You can be a part of multinational corporations ( such as Unilever, RB, PMI, Engro, Tetrapack etc) as a Management Engineer/Trainee.
  • Telecommunications companies like PTCL, Ufone, Warid , Mobilink, Telenor etc are also hiring Electronic Engineers.
  • You can enter the sugar industry by becoming an engineer in instrumentation by passing the NTS test.
  • You could also be able to join private or government-owned businesses (such like WAPDA, PSO, POF and NESCCOM) through passing an NTS test , and then the interview for HR/Technical
  • If you aren’t accepted into one of these companies, you can still be employed in smaller industries and companies that employ interns ( typically, the pay is quite low, but once you’ve gained experience, you may be able to transfer to a more reputable firm)
  • Other than jobs at companies Electronic engineers may also apply for the position of Lab assistants at universities and while they do their MS.
  • Last but not last, you are able to travel overseas in countries like UAE, Saudia Arabia, Kawait and USA that pay higher than Pakistani company.

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