Why are many municipalities banning the use of electronic cigarettes?

As I’ve previously stated on this website If it appears to be smoking a cigarette, and looks like someone is smoking then they is likely that they are smoking. Smoking is a sin and it’s time to stop smoking it.

That’s the principal reason. Another reason is that nobody other than vapers has made the distinction between cartridge e-cigarettes the tobacco manufacturers produce, as well as the kits for cartomizers and atomizers and juices that are made by other manufacturers. There is an difference.The juice I purchase to make my cartomizers is produced from the United States with FDA approved ingredients. Food-grade flavorings that can be consumed along with meals you don’t cook out of scratch (it’s the ‘natural and/or artificial flavoring’ listed on the label). Propylene Glycol is utilized in a variety of medical treatments and has been approved by FDA as safe for food use. Vegetable Glycerine is utilized in food products and cosmetics.


The final point is that there aren’t enough studies conducted yet, but the only ones you are likely to read in the media are negative ones. There have been studies that have proved that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes.


There are also people in the medical community who critique and correct the biased and dramatic media portrayals.


Unfortunately, until policy makers begin to actually research the issues they’re going to vote on, we’ll continue to hear about more bans.

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