Why do the missionaries try so hard to convert Jews?

Theologically speaking, I find it difficult to understand why Jews didn’t convert in large numbers to Islam or Christianity. Their centrality is a fact of Abrahamic tradition.

It was initially attributed to “spiritual blindness” and Jews “corrupting themselves own texts”. But, I doubt that this worked after people realized that Jews were highly regarded for texts and not spiritually blind.

Evidently, they were not told correctly.

Martin Luther believed originally that way.

If I was a Jew, and had witnessed such dolts or blockheads rule and teach the Christian faith in Christendom, I would have rather become a hog than be a Christian. They treated the Jews like dogs and took their property. They baptize them without teaching them anything about Christian doctrine and life. Instead, they subject them to mockery and popishness. We should not be proud of our Christian status and forget that the Jews are from the same lineage as us Gentiles. We are not aliens or in-laws. They are blood relatives, cousins and brothers of our Lord. If one wants to be proud of flesh and blood, the Jews are closer to Christ than us. We must guide our interactions with them by Christian love, not papal law. We must welcome them warmly and allow them to trade and collaborate with us so that they can have the opportunity to hear Christian teachings and experience our Christian life. What if some of them are stiff-necked? We are all not good Christians, after all. (Martin Luther, “That Jesus Christ Was Born a Jew,” Trans. Walter I. Brandt in Luther’s Works, Philadelphia: Fortress Press 1962, pp. 200-201, 229. Martin Luther, 229.


Let them trade, and you’ll see that they are being kind to you.

Jews stated that they were grateful for being treated as human beings, but will keep their faith.

Luther changed his tune.

Be on guard against the Jews

They know that their synagogues are a haven for devils, where selfglory and conceit, lies and defaming God and men are all practiced in the most malicious manner, and they veheming their eyes ….. Furthermore, they are thieves and robbers who steal and plunder from us every day through their accursed usury. They live day to day as archthieves or robbers in the most vulnerable security, with their wife and children. “The Jews and Their Lies”

They called for violence, persecution, and mass murder of innocent people.

So, missionaries scare us.

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