Why can’t some electric car enthusiasts accept that the inability for electric cars to fully recharge in 5 minutes is a deal breaker for some people since every gasoline car ever made can do that?

The electric vehicle enthusiasts, those who have lived with electric cars for many years, understand that the 5-minute charge time is not that important and that it’s not worth the extra cost.

Last year, for example, I drove over 18,000 miles in a Tesla Model S P85. The car was charged in 3 days. All other charges occurred overnight, while my family was asleep or while I worked.

We charged for approximately 10 minutes one night to get some extra range. Two trips out of town were also made where we could charge while walking, stretching, or eating. One trip was almost 800 miles in one day.

Are you willing to pay more for a phone that can fully charge in just 5 minutes? Why would you pay more for a phone that can fully charge in 5 minutes? You charge your phone overnight almost every day and don’t know how long it takes. It is not worth it to charge quickly and there are no reasons to raise your purchase price to get it.

It is difficult to believe that the charging time for an electric vehicle doesn’t really make a difference unless you are a salesman traveling more than 200 miles per hour.

While some drivers may not be familiar with electric vehicles, owners who have used them for a while know how much they can be used. It really isn’t.

Smooth acceleration, instant torque, low operating costs, no weekly gas station visits and quiet running all make it a reasonable tradeoff to wait for a few times per year.


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