Why does electrical engineering suck?

Because I believe I understand where you are coming from, I will give you a serious answer. EE can be a difficult field to master for many reasons. However, the most frustrating thing for a beginner is how hard it is to create anything by yourself. The first is the 100+ years worth of obscure knowledge you need to master. Then there is the prohibitive cost for tools and production. Finally, you have a highly competitive market that is mature in nearly every niche. Your product must work flawlessly the first time.

This means that many graduates will not be able to work in the industry and will remain so for a long time. This is not the only problem. A company can only hire so many designers. If you don’t have a solid foundation, you may find it difficult to build a product on your own. EE graduates are less likely to be able to negotiate than EE students.

EE might be earning 50% less than their CS counterparts engineers right now, as EE hasn’t experienced a boom in 20 years. There are no ‘build fast, break things’ or “disrupt” types of hardware investment. Software companies, on the other hand, are more cost-conscious than hardware companies. They value their people most highly.

There are many opportunities for those who love EE and have the drive to succeed in your field. If you are not able to make it to the top, then take the path that is least restrictive (pardon the pun).


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