Why is electric charge quantized?

The first question is “What is quantification?

The charge is always present as an integral part of fundamental charges such as electrons and protons. It is known as the quantization of charge

Second , this is a useless question to ask since it’s like you are asking

Where are the integer many people? And why aren’t there 1.5 people or 6.7 humans?’

It is a fact that the most fundamental of things can’t be broken into smaller pieces .

It is impossible to say that in this atom you will find 1.7636383 proton or 1.7636383*1.6*10^-19 Coulumb charge .

It’s a complete waste of time .

If you’re looking for an logical answer, here is the answer –

It is impossible to divide electrons or protons. electron .

Charge is fundamentally formed by electrons and protons .

The TOTAL CHARGE concept is as a multiplicity of electrons and protons .

It is not true that there were 6.7123 people or 8.2 people in the room’.


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