Will digital electronics take over analog electronics Completely?


A fully digital electronic device will not be capable of interfacing with its environment. For example, a smartphone must convert your voice into electrical signals (for phone calls). Before the electrical signal can be converted to digital using an analog-todigital converter, you will need analog components.

Digital electronics can’t do many other things. One example is power supplies. Switching power supplies, which are analog, cannot be used with digital electronics to deal with high currents. Radio transmission is another field. An antenna cannot be driven using a digital signal that is one-zero. It is driven by an analog signal that uses a variety modulation schemes such as AM, FM, and others. Even digital modulation schemes like FSK, OFDM and PSK still use analog outputs.

Digital and analog electronics don’t compete. They complement one another. The same was true for direct current (DC), alternating current (AC), and direct current (DC) back when Edison and Tesla were competing to dominate America’s electric grids. They realized that AC could do more than DC, but DC can do things better. This is true for both analog and digital electronics.

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