How do Teslas compare with other electric vehicles?

I have a Nissan Leaf, and a Tesla Model S P85+.

The Tesla is superior to other electric vehicles. In 2012, the first Tesla car was built by Tesla and sold to a customer. It had a longer range, better performance and more seats than any non-Tesla BEV (battery electric vehicle) currently in production. Instead of stopping development after they reach the same level as existing internal combustion engines (ICE), they make every effort to maximize the use of the BEV drivetrain. Tesla takes the time to make their car feel right. For example, seamless regenerative brakes. Other BEV’s lack integration of the friction and regenerative brakes. The car also has a unique charger network that is integrated into the navigation.

Because they offer free updates, Teslas are better than any other vehicle (not only electric), and keep adding new features to older cars. Because they don’t take themselves too seriously, they offer fun features such as video games and fart apps. They are the most reliable cars tested. Tesla is more concerned with pleasing their customers than extracting as much money from them as possible.

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