Are electric cars cheaper to maintain?

There are no oil changes, spark plugs or timing belts. Transmission, motor, and differential are all the same thing. Regenerative braking reduces the wear on brakes.

They are also cheaper to maintain. However, parts are more costly so it may seem more expensive when you need maintenance. The aftermarket is not much cheaper, but it’s still a good deal.

Another thing nobody mentions is that they are much easier to repair yourself. Do you have any experience with ICE vehicles? Yes, I have. There are many parts, lots grease, and lots of tools.

Although I have never disassembled an EV, I did fix power tools and photofinishing machines. I have disassembled dryers, furnaces, and washers. Electric motors are something I am familiar with. It’s not difficult to replace an armature or seal bearings on a shaft.

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