As an electrical/electronics engineering student, what can I learn in just 10 minutes, that could be useful for the rest of my life?

  1. Open circuits have zero current and infinite voltage. In close circuit , current is infinite & voltage is zero.
  2. Inductor (L).
    1. It stores energy as a magnetic field
    2. If L is connected to an AC source, voltage leads the current.
    3. It acts as a short circuit when L is connected to a DC source.
  3. Capacitor (C).
    1. It stores energy as an electric field.
    2. Current is generated when C is connected to an AC source.
    3. It acts as an open circuit when C is connected to a DC source.
  4. The biggest enemy of the electrical system is harmonics. Filters can eliminate them.
  5. The power factor should be equal or close to unity. Capacitors can improve power factor.
  6. The voltage drops in series connections, but the current is not affected. Parallel connections allow current to be divided, but voltage is not affected.
  7. KCL & KVL. These are essential for analysing even one circuit.
  8. Truth table of AND/OR,NOT,& XOR.
  9. Faraday’s law: Fleming left-hand rule (motor), Fleming right-hand rule (generator).
  10. Ground and neutral are two different things. The return path for current is neutral. Grounding connects a terminal to the earth.
  11. Safety must be assured.

I hope you find this helpful.

We are grateful.


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