How to Get Capital Investment Return in Nigeria

Get Capital Investment Return in Nigeria By Yourself

  • For Capital investment Return, please visit the Income tax office at Federal Inland Revenue.
  • You can find the address and contact information of the office at the following link: Lin/k

  • The Application to Receive Income Tax Return form the appropriate department can be obtained at the Office.
  • Please complete the application with all details and essential information. The applicant must attest it with his signature.
  • You should ensure that you have all documents listed under “Required Documents” on this page. All the documents listed above should be attached.
  • It should then be submitted to the appropriate authority. Pay the fees required for the application process at office, as directed by officials. If applicable, you will also be issued an acknowledgement slip detailing the amount paid.
  • Your application and any attached documents will be checked for deficiency.
  • Once all processes have been completed, the concerned officials will approve your application and send you the return of your income tax.

Documents Required For Get Capital Investment

  • Please complete the Application Form
  • Valid proof of identity
  • Bank details
  • Investment details
  • You must provide proof of residency
  • Proof of taxpayer registration
  • Documented financial statements
  • Any supporting document
  • Valid Tax identification number
  • Receipt of payment

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Head Office, Federal Inland Revenue Services
Revenue House
15 Sokode Crescent,
Wuse Zone 2
Phone: +234 9074 444 441, +234 9074 444 442
Website: Homepage link
Contact link: Contact link
Directions in Google Map: Link
Branch Locator: Link

What are all the Eligibility

  • Anyone who wants to receive capital investment return can apply.
  • Any income tax registered entity that has an activated income tax product may apply.

Processing Time

  • This process takes approximately 120 days.

For the most current information, please contact our office


  • Please fill out the application form correctly and in all required columns.
  • Send the completed application with all required documents to the authority.
  • Please pay the appropriate amount when you submit the application form to the office.

Requirements Information

  • Name and address
  • Evidence of taxpayer
  • Email address and contact details
  • Tax identification number valid
  • Investment details

You will need the document

Anyone who wants to receive capital investment returns within Nigeria must apply at the Income Tax office/ Federal Inland Revenue service.



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