Cow Gestation Calculator, Formula, Calculation & Example

Cow Gestation Calculator

The cow gestation calculator can be used to determine the start and end of the calving period for first-time and multiple-time calvers. The feed converter ratio calculator will help you determine the feed ratio for your herd.

Continue reading to learn more about cow gestation and postpartum details and find out differences in calving depending on the breed of cow.

How do I use the cow gestation calculator

The cattle gestation calculator is easy to use in just two steps:

  1. Enter the date that your cows were/will be exposed to the bull.
    • This determines the potential fertilization day.
    • Inscribe the date that your cows were artificially inseminated.
  2. Select if your cows are first-calvers, multiple calvers .
    • A cow’s first-calver is a term that refers to her first pregnancy.

The calving date and the duration of the postpartum interval will be included in your result.

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Do you wonder on which day of the week is your cow going into labor?

How do you calculate the cow’s gestation using dates?

Let’s look at the cow gestation table. The average cow gestation time for most breeds of cattle is 283 days. However, it can last anywhere between 279 and 287 days.

Calving older cows usually occurs 10 more days .The time that younger and smaller cattles have to calve may be 10 more days .

This formula is used to calculate the gestation rate of calfs:

Calving Start = Day when bull is exposed + 283 days

Our calving calculator takes into account that the post-partum interval lasts between 50-60 days .

End Of Interval Period = Calving + 55 Days

This also considers the fact that cows who are pregnant with their first calves tend to have longer postpartum intervals.

End Of Interval Period = Calving + 65 Days

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The cattle gestation chart contains details and definitions.

Some specific terms used in bovine breeding articles and calculators are difficult to understand. Let’s go over all the definitions.

  • Open Cow is a cow that has not yet become pregnant. An open cow is a young cow that has not become pregnant since being exposed to the bull. Open cows must also be checked for infection and updated vaccinations. Older cows who are unable to get pregnant may not be able to conceive.
  • The period during which cows give birth is. The nutrition, health, age, and complications experienced during previous calvings or this calving all affect a cow’s ability to become pregnant. It is also important to assess the bull’s ability of immunizing. The cow due date calculator calculates the beginning of this period.

If the calf is a male, a cow’s gestation period will be longer.

  • The postpartum interval period is the period after calving when the cow can’t get pregnant. For younger cows who gave birth for the first-time, the postpartum interval will be longer. This period lasts between 50-60 days on average. The postpartum period can also be prolonged by complications such as Calving. This beef gestation calculator calculates the average end date for this period.
  • Pin needles can cause cattle to abort. In late pregnancy, it is necessary to seperate cows from all parts of a pine tree.

Learn more about the cow-gestation calendar at the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.


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