Do electric cars lose value faster than other cars?

When you look at Ebaythe Nissan LEAFs which are 10 years old , are approximately PS5,000. Other Nissans that have similar specs are priced as cheap as PS1000. Naturally, as city vehicles with limited range , they have more fuel efficient and have only 100 miles range].

Today, older EVs are being bought by those who want to upgrade a classic carwhich has crashed. Teslas have been selling for ridiculous costs because the parts are so valuable.

It will be fascinating to find out the cost of the 200 mile range of electric vehicles in the next few years. They have twice the lifespan of an ICEv, i.e. the equivalent of half a million miles, rather than 250,000 miles in diesel and an average of one hundred thousand miles with petrol cars. Tesla is talking of vehicles with a million miles.

As the range gets better, automated driving becomes more efficient and charging speeds improve 100 miles in just 10 minutes! is so|now available.|available right now]} every new model or update will be more efficient than the last model. This implies that the second hand market will be a bit odd in comparing the EV value vs. the an EV price.

However, ICEv will not decrease in cost. In 2021/2, a 200 mile range and EV will be similar to an equivalent ICEv, but just one tenth the operating costs and lasting between 2 and 3 times longer. When people change to ICEv, there will be lots of used ICEv which will lose value more quickly.

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