How can I view my electric bill online?

Online payments for your electricity bills are easy and convenient. Logging on to the Mahavitaran website, the website of the electricity board, or any mobile payment app will allow you to view your electricity bill. Logging to these websites will allow you to access the bill section and the electricity bill payment section. Enter your consumer number, then click on the “check bill” button.

Mobile bill payments can be made with apps such as Bajaj Finserv, which are easy and quick. Open/Install the Bajaj Finserv App from the Android/iOS Store. On the mobile app, go to the ‘Recharge & Bills Payments Section’. Enter details such as your account number and operator by clicking on Electricity. The status of your bill payment will be displayed.

For future payments, you can choose to save details of your electricity bill. The mobile app makes it easy to pay your bill without waiting in line at the electricity board. Not only does the mobile app make it easy to pay, but also makes it cashless. As the epidemic continues, more people choose digital and online payments to make money transfers and payments.


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