What are the best mini electronic projects for my 2nd year, that I should be able to complete within 3 days?

It depends on what you want to learn. My dad got me one of these

for $35:

It teaches the basics of simple circuits, light bulbs, radio, etc. If your goal is ground up electronics education for someone totally new to the field, something like this and this book on radio

are a good place to start if you think you can get them interested.

The book details (without any math at all) how to build a simple radio then steps up through more and more complexity until we reach something we today would recognize as a radio. It’s incredibly old, but its still the best book I’ve ever read on circuit design, and my dad was an electrical engineer. However, this whole package relies on having some answers to the obvious questions most kids will ask, namely: “why do I want to know this?” “what possible good is this? I’ve never in my life had to build a (simple electronic device) from scratch!”

The answers I would give revolve around understanding physics and being able to trouble shoot things that break. For best results, buy the kit and book, but try to find some useful gadget to use as a hook, eg, a broken car, or a broken welder from the scrap yard – anything that the student would enjoy using and can get at a huge discount because it’s broken. Present them with the item they desire, tell them you’ll help them learn what they need to fix it, and then follow through, guiding them to learn the skills as a necessary precondition to fixing the thing they want.

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